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Protect Your Investment

ResistAll EnviroGuard NG

Since no manufacturer provides a warranty against environmental damage to your vehicle, Mankato Motors has partnered with Cal-Tex Protective Coatings, Inc. to offer the one-of-a-kind ResistAll EnviroGuard NG products for your new and new-to-you vehicle.  With a 7 year transferrable warranty, renewable for a lifetime against bird droppings, tree sap, salt and more, crayons, markers, blood, food and more, EnviroGuard is a great way to keep that car looking like you want it to look.  $499 for the one-time treatment of your entire car represents a fantastic value!  Contact me with questions, or to schedule the application to your car!

Click here to see the product video to know more.


DiamonFusion Windshield Treatment

With your windshield being a silicone based product, it looks like a mountain range under a microscope. Sand and grit knocks off a peak here and a peak there, creating a pitted windshield that causes oncoming headlights to glare in the glass, making night-time visibility a challenge over time.  Additionally, rain, dirt, bugs, etc. can stick to the glass, reducing visibility in other situations.  DiamonFusion bonds with the glass, covering the peaks and valleys, giving water and contaminants nothing to stick to, and protecting against windshield pitting.  Visibility is crucial!  Contact me for your one-time $199 treatment!

Click here to see the product video to know more.

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