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I have done this job for almost 20 years, and have figured a few things out during that time.  In my blog articles, I try to take a few of the confusing things about shopping for a car, or simply owning one, and describe them in normal, every-day terms that make sense.  Click here to read the articles. Let me know what you think!


Article 1: What is the difference between horsepower and torque, and what's with all this RPM talk anyway?

"When you read anything about car shopping, everybody wants to talk about the power of an engine. But it gets very confusing making the comparisons. One car emphasizes how many horsepower the engine produces. Another talks about low-end torque. Some cars look like they should have the same power, but feel very different when I drive them. And then there is the @4000 RPM tag after the number. What does that mean?"

Article 2: What's that weird light on my dash that looks like a butt?  A brief discussion of the Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS)

"If your vehicle is a 2007 or newer (and a few older models as well), there is a good chance you have seen this symbol at some point during your ownership. I have had many customers call, trying to describe it to me, and to ask what the heck it is, and what it is trying to tell them. In all reality, what it is saying is 'Check your tires!'"

Article 3: Should I Lease (Part 1) ~ What's all the fuss about leasing?  Why would I lease my vehicle?  What is it anyway?

"You can’t hardly watch TV, listen to the radio or read an article these days without one car company or another touting the latest and greatest lease payment. But should you lease? Should you stick with the traditional loan? What are your options, and why do so many people talk about leasing anyway? Over the next few weeks, I’ll discuss several aspects of this mysterious topic."

Article 4: Should I Lease (Part 2) ~ What happens at the end of my car lease?  A discussion of your lease-end options

"todays vehicle leases are "closed end" leases. What that means is that the residual, or lease-end value we discussed last time, is guaranteed by the lease company. This guarantee opens up options for you as your lease expires. Here’s where the fun begins! With options at the end of a lease, this financing option becomes a viable option for a majority of car buyers to at least consider."

Article 5: Should I Lease (Part 3) ~ Is Leasing Right For Me?

"The big question is, "Is leasing right for me?" The answer is easy, and not so easy. There are pros and cons to any type of vehicle financing. But if any of the following fit for you, it might be worth keeping an open mind, looking at all finance options for your new car, and seeing what makes the most sense."

 Article 6: Will It Tow My Boat?  Important Information To Know Before Buying A Truck To Pull Your Boat Or Camper

"This is the time of year that camper and boat salespeople love. Truck salespeople don’t mind so much either. But so many people who come in to talk trucks have no idea how to make sure they pick the right vehicle to tow their new trailer. How can you avoid this pitfall? Here is some information you need before you buy your new rig."



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